Magical Reindeer Food

Christmas Traditions

December 22, 2021

A few years back our family was introduced to Magical Reindeer Food at a school Christmas party. This is now my go-to party craft! It takes a few ingredients and can be altered to your liking! If you aren't volunteering at school, this is great to make with your own kids or if you are having family over Christmas Eve as a fun activity for the kids. I first published this 5 years ago. I have made a few alterations but you can choose what works best for you with supplies you may already have. I've created a free printable for you.

Glitter (optional but not as great for the environment so I switched to colored sugar)
Colored sugar crystals
Cinnamon (optional)
plastic baggies

I have done this for many years, and I have used this for school parties from 3 year olds to fourth graders. It is great for all ages. For the 3 year old preschool party: I put the oats into one big bowl and gave the kids measuring cups. I bought a 'shaker' bottle of glitter (easier and less chance of a huge mess with little ones). I opened it just one hole and let them shake it into their bag. I used spoons from the kids' play kitchen for the colored sugar and they scooped it into their bag. Tie it and let them shake. Add the tag. I have created these new reindeer tags for you right here.

If you have smaller or less kids in the group you can have the kids take turns putting the ingredients into a large bowl and stir, then scoop into bags. It is super easy and you can do it however it best suits your needs. Enjoy!

(I got my original tags pictured at the top of the article from the site Amanda's Parties TO GO).