Father's Day Gift Ideas

Macaroni Celebrates

By Barbara Evangelista June 12, 2024

I don't know about you, but Father's Day gifts are tough. Dads have it easy on Mother's Day -- flowers, jewelry, any subtle (or not so subtle) hints we send them, a few hours of quiet time -- we're easy to please. But Father's Day gifts are hard. Most men don't ask for much or drop hints - they just buy what they want. Thought we did good getting my husband a little putting green a few years ago - he used it that day. FF to this May when I watched him pull it out of the shed to pack for our move, and I realized he hasn't used it since the day we gave it to him! We want to give these great dads gifts they want and will use, and not get stuffed in the back of a closet or in our case shed!

While it may be different from what moms want, Just like Moms, Dads just want a day to enjoy the kids, but also have a bit of "me time", and feel appreciated.

Here are some ideas that might work for the dad you need to celebrate this Father's Day:

Let's start with a few local suggestions to the Washington County PA area. These make great gifts for dad while supporting local businesses...

A clean car - yes, dads appreciate that too. We have a great recommendation for you: Xtreme Sheen in Canonsburg. I had my car done there last month and Steve did a fantastic job. What a treat!

Membership or package to Sanctuary Wellness Spa in McMurray. I know my husband would enjoy the Sanctuary Wellness Plunge Club if you don't want to commit to a membership.

A trip to Sarris for ice cream or candy is always fun for the whole family

Here are some more...

  • Round of golf
    • Golf balls or other golf "needs"
  • A personalized coffee cup, beer mug, mouse pad, etc
  • Grilling accessories. Personalized kits, spices, etc.
  • A brewery tour
  • A case of mixed microbrew beers
  • A membership to Beer of the Month Club
  • A Bourbon of the Month Club
  • Gift certificate to a book store, cooking store, specialty clothing store, music/pop culture store, sporting goods store, bait & tackle shop if he's into fishing
  • Kitchen gadgets if he likes to cook or a cooking class for fun!
  • Gift certificates for adventure ziplining, whitewater rafting, amusement parks
  • Spa treatment (deep tissue massage, couple's massage)
  • Tickets to the local major league team
  • Tickets to a favorite music concert or performance
  • Gift certificate to his favorite steak house restaurant, place with a large craft beer selection, distillery, or outdoor dining
  • Movie tickets
  • If you have a vacation coming up, an excursion splurge for him or the family
  • Outdoor games to play with the family
  • A new cushy seat or accessory for his bicycle
  • If all else fails an Amazon gift card

If you've come up with other unique ideas that were a big hit, please leave a comment when we post on social media! We would love to add to this list!