Our Home Radon Test - The Results Are In

By Heather Stitt February 24, 2021

Ask any mom what is the most important thing to her, and she will tell you it's the health & safety of her family. I know that is priority #1 for my family. I learned that January was radon action month, thanks to the informative article by Home Radon Pros, so it was time for me to take action. You can read the article RIGHT HERE

What is radon? You may not have even heard about radon unless you’ve recently bought or sold a house. In Western PA, a radon test is required when you are selling your home. That is when we learned about this silent danger - we had to have the test for the home inspection in order to sell our home. We were shocked to find out that we had been living with higher than the EPA recommended level of radon. What exactly did that mean? Well, for us we got to install a system for the next owners to live safely in the home we had been living in for 10 years. We have no idea how long our family was living with these higher levels and how much exposure we all had. 

We were relieved to find out that our new home already had a passive radon system installed - great right? That’s what we thought but after learning more from Home Radon Pros I learned that we should have our house tested every two years because levels change daily. So that’s just what we did. I was a little nervous because we've been in our home for over 5 years now and we don't know how long we were living with higher levels of radon in our last home. Our new home is only a mile away, so what if our levels were high again? What if my kids have been exposed their whole lives between our 2 homes? It was time to do something - time for action, (so thankful to Radon Home Pros for educating me during radon action month). So how did our test turn out?  

Thankfully, the test came back good! Our levels were below the level for needing radon mitigation at this time. I am totally relieved. But I will be retesting every 2 years from now on to be sure I'm doing everything I can for my family's long-term health & safety.

Did you know that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking? So if you know of someone who was diagnosed with lung cancer but wasn't a smoker, there's a chance this silent danger is to blame. Washington County has an average radon level of 5.6 versus a national average of 1.3. What's that mean for you? If you've never had your home tested or it's been more than 2 years, you should have your home tested.  If your home has normal levels, that's it. You have peace of mind and can retest in the future to make sure those levels don't increase. How do you have your home tested? Find a reputable company that does testing. Look no further. I highly recommend Bill at Home Radon Pros. Bill is professional and informative. He's also a local resident & business owner in this community.  If you do end up having higher than normal levels, Bill can recommend the next steps to get your family to a safer level. Don't wait any longer to find out if your family is living safely or not. Not knowing about your radon levels does not keep you safe. 

Don't be like us and install a system for the next family. Do it for your family and act NOW with Home Radon Pros.

If you want to learn more about Radon or if you are interested in any of these Radon services, you can visit online at, email, or call us at 412-584-0799. Home Radon Pros is locally owned and operated out of Peters Township.

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