Audition for the South Hills Children's Choir

June 2, 2021

Find time for the lasting effects of great music, solid technique, clear focus, and quality friendships this coming school year.  Audition for the South Hills Children's Choir on June 11-13 or August 15-17 at View Crest Church.  Auditions are simple, taking about 10 minutes with no preparations necessary. Visit to learn how and then email Heather at to sign up.

Ages 8-10? No need to audition for Canticle, our newcomer choir;  simply go to our website to download a registration form, fill it in, and return it with the registration fee.  Unsure? Ask at  Singers ages 11-18 audition for placement in our intermediate choir Concordia or our advanced group Cadenza. Go to, download an audition form, and email it to Heather at to set up a time.  Students from all musical backgrounds and walks of life welcome.

The South Hills Children's Choir is a nonprofit youth chorus dedicated to offering quality musical education for youth from all walks of life in the surrounding community and celebrating diversity both in music and in Southwestern Pennsylvania's youth. SHCC aims to establish a life-long relationship with and respect for quality music in the singers' and their families' lives. Singing together creates community: spread the gift of song to the South Hills and beyond!