Celebrate Grandparents!

National Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 12

By Melissa Alcorn September 8, 2021
The first Sunday after Labor Day marks National Grandparents Day in the United States. Marian McQuade, a coal miner's wife, began celebrating Grandparent's Day in West Virginia in 1973. In addition to raising her children, she took pride in comforting the old and encouraged people to "adopt" a grandparent just for the joy and wisdom the experience would bring. In 1978 Grandparents Day was declared a national holiday by President Jimmy Carter.  

Every year on this day we honor Grandparents and celebrate the special place they hold in our families. We also thank them for all they do.  

This Sunday, September 12th, don't forget to visit with your Grandparents or take your children to see their grandparents. We all know how much grandparents enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, no matter how big or small they are.

Don't have a grandparent nearby? Consider "adopting" a grandparent just like Marian McQuade suggested. Take a small potted flower, home made card or other small gift to really make their day.

Happy Grandparents Day!