Frenchies Modern Nail Care South Hills- "Clean before it was cool"

Plus 25% off for new guests when they use the code MACW25

December 8, 2021

While nail salons have been operating under strict COVID-19 safety guidelines, heading back into a shop to get a much-needed pedicure or manicure can still be daunting for some people.

Even before the pandemic, the cleanliness and sanitation methods used in many nail salons had been questionable.

Frenchies, a Colorado-based nail salon franchise, is offering customers a healthier nail experience where they don’t have to stress over cleanliness and sanitation.

The salon has been practicing extensive cleaning and sanitation routines — like wiping down chairs, benches and tables after each guest — well before the pandemic-mandated guidelines were implemented.

Frenchies had differentiated itself by not offering acrylic nail services, crushed acrylic dips, or using harsh chemicals, so the air in the salon always smells fresh and clean. The use of these chemicals can induce respiratory symptoms like coughing, wheezing, nasal congestion, throat irritation or shortness of breath when breathing in the fumes. 

Furthermore, the South Hills studio has invested in an advanced ventilation system that replaces all the indoor air with fresh air from the outside every 13 minutes. Originally installed to mitigate cold & flu transmission, it has provided an extra layer of protection during COVID19. 

The salon uses all-natural nail polishes, like The Gel Bottle, that have fewer chemicals than regular nail polishes. The polish comes in a traditional option as well as a gel option for extended, lasting wear.

Metal reusable tools undergo a three-step cleaning and sterilization process that includes washing the tools in soap and water and soaking in a hospital-grade disinfectant before placing them in a medical-grade autoclave for sterilization.

The salon also doesn’t use dangerous like Credo knives or foot razors, or “cheese graters” which are illegal to use.

Porous tools (files, buffers and orangewood sticks) that can't be sterilized in an autoclave are offered to customers to take home or are disposed after use.   

In addition to being clean, Frenchies prides itself on the guest experience.  The studio fosters a social and fun atmosphere where guests interact with each other and with the friendly staff. Guests get to know the nail specialists, just like they would a hair stylist, and nail specialists get to know the guests. It’s a fun, energetic place where guests like to hang out.

Frenchies Modern Nail Care is located on Rt. 19 at 1720 Washington Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15241. Book online at or call 412.308.6849. 

25% off for new guests when they use the code MACW25 when booking between now and Jan 31.