Dasher’s Lightshow: New Exciting Christmas Light Show

To Pittsburgh this season! Use discount code: KID2021 to receive 20% off

December 7, 2021

Dasher’s Lightshow is one of the fastest growing Holiday Light companies in the country that allow families to experience Christmas lights in a far more interactive and saturating way compared to traditional neighborhood lights.  Families can connect their vehicle radio to a hyper local radio station and watch the hundreds of thousands of lights dance and blink in sync with the music.  The pricing for the holiday drive through display starts at $35 and is priced PER CAR, making the event affordable for any budget.  The show is located in the parking lot of the Pittsburgh Mills Mall and tickets are on sale by date and time slot now.

Jon Prebish, a managing partner of Dasher’s Lightshow said this about bringing Dasher’s Lightshow to Pittsburgh; “Dasher’s Lightshow identified Pittsburgh as a location we wanted to go to very early in last year’s holiday season.  Dasher’s Lightshow prides ourselves on bringing reliable and impressive family friendly entertainment that is affordable for everyone. Our goal is also to engage with the community on a long-term basis and give back to the community by offering fundraising opportunities to our local non-profits.  The community has already started to embrace us more than we could have hoped for.”

The show itself is simple in concept. Families pre-purchase a ticket for the day and time slot that works best for them. They arrive at Pittsburgh Mills Mall to check in during that time, make sure the radio for the car is tuned in, and then drive through the show. At the recommended speeds the show should take 20-30 minutes.  Explaining the light experience in still photographs is difficult since the show surrounds you in tunnels, disco walls, and 40’ towering trees. “My family and I drove through the show numerous times last season. I would always see new things and notice new details since it changes with every song in every part of the drive. Even I was impressed, and I was part of the creative team!” said Jon about his experiences through Dasher’s Lightshow.

The most popular times for the show are the week of Thanksgiving and the closer dates towards Christmas.  Last year, the show sold out 22 of 31 days in December, so we always recommend you buy your tickets early!

Tickets on sale today at Pittsburgh – Dasher's Lightshow ( Use discount code:  KID2021 to receive 20% off