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June 12, 2024
Summer Music - Week 1

Looking ahead to fall lessons:
Open slots for Fall Lessons are on our website. Enroll now and reserve your student's day and time.

Fall Lessons start September 3rd.

Summer lessons for 2024 are underway! We are pleased to welcome all of our families, both new and returning, into our Mt. Lebanon and McMurray studios for private instruction.

There's still time to enroll! See our availability by instrument HERE>>

Not sure how to get started? Consider Arts Infusion Camp with group lessons in piano, violin, and guitar each morning.
Learn more HERE>>

Musical Theatre Coming in July!
Our 2024 Musical Theatre productions are coming in July.
Disney's Mary Poppins (10-17 yrs)
July 12th 6:30 PM WUMC in Venetia

Disneys' Aristocats Kids (6-10 yrs)
July 26th 6:30 PM WUMC in Venetia

Make plans to attend these special performances and celebrate every student's contribution.

Does your student love to sing and perform?
Give your student a chance to shine like a star at our singing camps featuring Broadways tunes loved by kids! You'll love the opportunity your student has to develop their voice while gaining confidence to perform. They will love making new friends in a collaborative, non-competitive environment with singing, dancing, and a microphone workshop each day.
Click HERE for all the details>>

Growing the Next Generation of Music Educators
We are pleased to introduce Reilley Barrish, our new college intern for summer 2024. Reilley is a sophomore at Penn State, majoring in music education. She graduated from South Fayette High School in 2023. Reilley will be working each week as part of our summer camp team teaching piano classes and art classes.

This summer marks our 10th year hiring college students as summer interns. We are committed to  providing training and practical experience as they work toward a career in music education, music therapy, or music performance.
Musical Safari Camp Team Pictured Left to Right: Jackie, Ella, Reilley, and Kathy

Music and Art in Summer Camps
Kathy's Music started incorporating a unique art curricula into our summer camps in 2020. Our Artist in Resident and Curricula developer is Hannah Goforth, owner of Go Explore Create. In each camp, our educators work to nurture self-expression and build confidence through music and art. With the addition of maker space projects and collaborative art, summer campers are exposed to a large variety of mediums, tools, and new skills. You will see our collaborative art projects hanging in the studio from past summer.

Summer Camps provide an opportunity for children and students to explore arts as a whole with music, movement, and art. They are so many connection points because Music is a form of Art. Rob J Kennedy said it so well in his Interlude Article, Music as Art, in this quote:  "Music as art is a lovely circular process. One takes from and feeds the other. Someone once said that music is the art of life, so in these sister mediums, we can see that art is the music of life."

Your children are learning many of the same life skills in our art classes that they learn in Kindermusik and Group Lessons: collaboration, perspective taking, inhibitory control, fine motor development, language development, empathy, and more. Those benefits are all valuable, but they are the bi-products of the creative learning experience.

We combine music and art because of how well they complement each other as we seek to stir your student's artistic soul.

What is coming up in June?
Summer Drop-Off Camps:
June 10th - M-Th 1-4 PM
Blue Dog Blue - McM (6 openings)
Toy Story Camp - MTL (sold out)

June 17th M-Th 1-4 PM
Singing Camp - MTL (5 openings)
Campfire Ukulele - McM (sold out)

June 24th M-Th 1-4 PM
Island Ukulele Camp - MTL (sold out)
Singing Camp - McM (6 openings)

See All Drop Off Camps HERE>>
Please do join the waiting list for a camp as we are actively working to fill openings as schedules change.

There's still time to enroll in one of our Kindermusik Summer Sessions:
Babies 0-1's>>
Toddlers & Mixed Age Classes 0-3 yrs
Preschool 3-5 yrs

From The Office:
June 15th - Group Lesson Registration Fees will run, $45 per student.
Private Lesson Registration Fee of $45 per family will run for those enrolled for Fall 2024. Reminder: Registration fees are not refundable.

July 1-6th - No Kindermusik Classes due to the holiday. Office closed July 1-5th.

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